The Office

The office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm.   We have a good stock of Conference approved literature which you are welcome to come and browse.

We now have EFTPOS facilities!

We receive money, known as GROUP DONATIONStraditionally referred to as “60/30/10”.  Groups must first meet their expenses. Money left over may be donated to the Group Donation Plan. 60% for Perth CSO, 30% for General Service Office in Sydney and 10% for Area.

The Treasurer will also make a 50/30/10/10 split … but only if you say so! 50% for Perth CSO, 30% for General Service Office in Sydney, 10% for your Area and 10% for your District … and you have to tell us which District you are in (because not every group is in one).

Some groups have deposit books for the 60% and the 30% payments. Please make sure you get the cashier at the bank to make a note of your book number on the deposit slip… this tells us which group the payment is from.  If your group does not have deposit books you are welcome to send the lump sum to Perth CSO and the Treasurer will make the split … but only if you say so!  You have to give us instructions.

Our ABN number is 3648 2379 373 in the name A.A. Service Council for W.A.

If the landlord of your meeting place requires a copy of the Public Liability Insurance you can download the Group Registration Form (Excel document). Once you have filled it out you can mail or email it to  the General Service Office in Sydney and they will provide you with a copy of the insurance certificate.  (Any questions, call us on 9325-3566 during office hours).

The BSB & account numbers: 066-110 / 10139754
Account name: AA Service Council for W.A.

For all payments INCLUDE your group ID number & what the money is for. Then email the office with the following information:
Your name and contact number | Your group name | What the payment is for | the amount and the date of the transaction.

The BSB & account numbers: 066-001 / 10089471
Account name: Alcoholics Anonymous Area A

The BSB & account numbers: 066-156 / 00901566
Account name: Alcoholics Anonymous Area B

The BSB & account numbers: 806-015 / 01542759
Account name: Peel District Area B

GENERAL SERVICE BOARD OF A.A. (National Office, Sydney)
The BSB & account numbers: 012-006 / 009750529

AFTER HOURS HELPLINE  – (previously referred to as “Voca”)
We have an eight week roster. When the office is closed the calls are diverted via the “Mastercall” After Hours Helpline to members’ landlines or mobile phones. Rosters Monday to Friday are from 4.30pm to 8.30am the next morning. Rosters on Saturday and Sunday are a 24 hour commitment, 9am to 9am.  It is possible for two people to share a Saturday or a Sunday, splitting the day between them amicably.

Being a “Phone Vollie” is very rewarding service work. What do you need?

  • About one year of sobriety so you know something about AA in Western Australia.
  • A current copy of Serenity containing the Meetings List – or the ability to leave the online Meetings List and Calendar of Events open on your screen for the duration of your roster.
  • A copy of the 12th Step List – updated annually and sent to all Phone Vollies.
  • A list of emergency numbers ie. detox centres and rehabs.
  • A willingness to listen and help the still suffering alcoholic.

The AA Service Council of Western Australia is responsible for the running of the Perth Central Service Office. Committee meetings are held at CSO at 6.00pm on the second Tuesday of each month.  The service positions are:

  • Chairperson – Ian C.
  • Vice Chair – Darcie Y
  • Secretary – Clare S.
  • Assistant Sec. – Bridget K.
  • Treasurer – Peter D.
  • Assistant Treasurer – vacant
  • Serenity Editor – Janet M.
  • Literature Rep – Samantha N.
  • Trustee – Barbara B.
  • Trustee – Rodney T.
  • Trustee – Graham B.
  • Trustee – Kate W.