Helpline 24 Hours


We have an eight week roster which is covered by AA members. When the office is closed the calls are diverted via a pre-programmed online system to the members’ phones.  You will not only be talking to the still-suffering alcoholic who calls for help, but also to current AA members who often call to verify meeting times and locations, also to visitors from inter-State and overseas.

Rosters Monday to Friday are from 4.30pm to 8.30am the next morning.

Rosters on Saturday and Sunday are a 24 hour commitment, 9am to 9am.  It is possible for two people to share a Saturday or a Sunday, splitting the day between them amicably.

Being a “Phone Vollie” is very rewarding service work. What do you need?

  • About one year of sobriety so you know something about AA in Western Australia.
  • Access to the National AA Online Meetings List  and the ability to make quick searches on behalf of the callers – be able to guide them to do the same – be able to locate the current Calendar of Events on our website – or have a copy of the current Serenity with meetings list and Calendar of Events.
  • A copy of the 12th Step List – updated annually and sent to all Phone Vollies.
  • A list of emergency numbers ie. detox centres and rehabs.
  • A willingness to listen and help the still suffering alcoholic.

If you would like to be a Helpline Vollie please call the office during opening hours on 9325-3566  (Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.30pm).