Serenity Magazine

The Serenity magazine is a monthly publication of “Meetings in Print” which carries messages of hope and recovery for newcomers and AA members. It is distributed throughout Western Australia, is valued and keenly read by many members. For members living in remote areas or working FIFO, it’s a godsend.

The magazine contains letters and articles and a list of meetings throughout Western Australia. A supplement Calendar of Events provides information on up-coming events and anniversaries.

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The Serenity magazine is unique to Western Australia and the majority of contributors are WA members. To keep the magazine’s focus on local content does depend on a constant stream of articles and letters from sober AA members. Each of us has a unique experience to share and your article in the Serenity magazine might be the example that sparks hope in someone battling alcoholism or gives comfort to a sober but suffering fellow member.

Whether a few pages or a few sentences on your story, a holiday or trip you have taken or something interesting that has happened to you in recovery – your contribution would be welcomed.

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Serenity Magazine Subscription

The Serenity Magazine is available for purchase from most AA meeting for a cost of $3.00. It is also available via subscription – 6 months $18.00, 12 months $36.00 or 24 months $72.00 (including postage). Magazines are posted out on the last Friday of each month in plain sealed envelopes to protect anonymity. Groups or individuals are welcome to subscribe.

A Serenity subscription makes a great gift to an AA member for their sobriety birthday or an anonymous gesture of good will.

To make an EFT payment for your Serenity subscription:

The BSB & account numbers are: 066-110 / 10139754
The account is in the name of AA Service Council for W.A.
Space is very limited but please include your group I.D. number and what the money is for.  Then email the office with all the details.